5G-ENSURE: Open Consultation on “what else needs to be done on 5G Security?”


After more one year of work on security aspects of future networks, 5G-ENSURE is seeking the views on the work that has been done by 5G PPP projects and beyond. In particular, 5G-ENSURE seeks to: 

  • Evaluate the usefulness of the results coming from 5G PPP funded projects and beyond, including their ability to influence 5G specification work.
  • Report on 5G security perspectives (mainly industry driven) and complement these views with perspectives of other stockholders (e.g. regulators and policy makers,  SMEs, business verticals, etc..).
  • Identify the security aspects which have not yet been addressed or which have been only partially covered so as to identify the main barriers on progressing towards them and how they could impact on 5G adoption if not solved in time.
  • Understand and establish the way forward for future 5G Security work by identifying what else needs to be done on 5G security.


5G-ENSURE belongs to the group of EU-funded projects which collaboratively develop the future 5G network under the umbrella of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme. 

5G-ENSURE project has worked to drive the 5G Security Vision to get it shared and agreed within 5G PPP and beyond. The first Open Consultation on 5G Security has been a step towards this direction, by consulting stakeholders, including other 5G PPP Projects, on the areas of security and privacy challenges and priorities. The outcomes have been shared and used as part of this type of cooperation among the 5G PPP projects, that has gained momentum within the 5G PPP Security WG created on behalf 5G-ENSURE in March 2016. The Security Landscape whitepaper released in April 2017, is the result of one year of concerted effort that carried to build consensus and common positions across 5G PPP project on the priority areas for 5G security. In the meantime the work of 5G-ENSURE project went beyond the 5G PPP community with the engagement in international exchanges with standardisation, for example with NIST in the US sharing insights in the area of security innovations and with ITU-T in discussing on security standards gap analysis. 

Contributions to the Open Consultation are welcome from:

  • Standardisation organisations
  • 5G PPP projects, including academics, researchers and business representatives.
  • Business verticals - providers of 5G products and services e.g.
    • Automotive: Car manufacturers/industry
    • Mobile industry/big Telcos
    • Academia
    • Network and technology providers (chipset makers)
    • Services (insurance, driver assistance, security on content delivery)
    • Satellite based communication services
    • eHealth: Regulators, Health companies/industry, Users
  • European Associations & International organisations (e.g. IMT2020)
  • 5G Industry e.g.:
    • Technology providers: Device & SW, Component makers, Developers
    • SMEs
    • Connectivity providers: Network operators, Hotspot providers, Service providers
  • Users, e.g.:
    • End users
    • Technology providers: M2M component providers
    • Smart Cities
  • Policy Markers:
    • Regulators (ITU, WP5D, ECC, ECC PT1)
    • European Commission representatives

How to respond

  • Respond online using the form below - please make sure you allocate the time necessary for sharing your expertise and views.
  • Only responses received through the online questionnaire will be taken into account.

Replies & feedback

  • When available, the analysis of the results of the consultation will be published on the website www.5gensure.eu.

Protection of personal data

  • For transparency purposes, all the responses to the present consultation will not be made public. Only an aggregation analysis based on the answers received will be presented. 

The online consultation will be open until 15-10-2017 and overall findings subsequently reported.

1. Where are we today with 5G security? What is the progress of 5G security work, 12 months on? Please select the best answer


2. What areas still require lot of effort, since they raise serious security questions not yet solved? Please indicate for each choice the effort required “low”, “medium”, “high”. 


3.  Do you agree or disagree that security innovations enabled by 5G are contributing to each of the following? Please indicate “agree” or “disagree” for each choice. 

5.    Do you agree with the 5G PPP vision that security should be integrated in the 5G architecture: 


9.    Select among the following requirements the ones that best correspond in your view to the industry perspective on “5G network” security? Rank from 1 (best) to 6


16.    In which areas should regulation and regulatory policy focus with the highest priority?  Rank from 1 (high priority) to 6


Standards and research

5G Security: the way forward

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