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Security Enablers: Final Technical Roadmap

Defining future directions for 5G security


Contribute to the 5G-ENSURE Open Consultation on 5G Security

Opportunity to share your views and shape the future of 5G networks

Bootstrapping Trust - Safeguarding VNF Credentials at ACM SIGCOMM 2017

White-Stingray: Evaluating IMSI Catchers Detection Applications

Oxford University, ETH Zurich  and TU Berlin uncover a new flaw in the widely deployed cryptographic protocol in 3G and 4G cellular networks at top hacker event, Blackhat USA 2017, 22-27 July.

WiFi-Based IMSI Catcher presentation from University of Oxford accepted for Shakacon Security conference in July.


  • Patrick Donegan

    On the 5G-ENSURE Technical Roadmap for its 5G security enablers: Here's a website that takes 5G security seriously. The EU funded @5GEnsure project is moving foward with its 5G security efforts and has defined a path for the rollout of its 5G enablers.

    Patrick Donegan / Founder and Principal Analyst / HardenStance
  • Nelson Hastings

    Representatives from NIST and 5G-ENSURE have discussed the goals and objectives of the 5G ENSURE project.

    Nelson Hastings / Cybersecurity and Privacy Applications / Group Lead, NIST
  • Hugo Tullberg

    We're very fortunate in the 5G PPP to have the 5G-ENSURE project working on 5G use cases.

    Hugo Tullberg / / Ericsson, former chair of the 5G PPP Work Group Pre-standardisation
  • Pavlos Fournogerakis

    5G-ENSURE is the first 5G PPP project that deals with the horizontal area of security.

    Pavlos Fournogerakis / Programme Officer at DG CONNECT Network Technologies Unit / European Commission
  • Petteri Mannersalo

    5G-ENSURE will define and deliver a 5G Security Architecture, shared and agreed across the various 5G stakeholders.

    Petteri Mannersalo / 5G-ENSURE coordinator / VTT, Finland

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