Security Enablers: Final Technical Roadmap

5G-ENSURE has published the final version of its 5G Security Enablers Technical Roadmap, as a fundamental part of its vision for security in 5G systems.

The roadmap outlines the security features developed in 5G-ENSURE, explaining how they relate to the use cases previously identified. It then goes on to provide insights and recommendations into future work that could be conducted either by 5G-ENSURE partners or future projects based on the expertise and experience acquired through participation in the 5G PPP.

The Roadmap defines future directions in terms of:

  • New security features: relevant features to be further explored for each enabler developed in order to meet additional requirements identified in the later stages of the 5G-ENSURE project.
  • Additional enablers: calls for new enablers based on lessons learnt for each thematic cluster, that is, AAA, privacy, trust, security monitoring, security management.
  • New research directions: further progress on 5G security to meet requirements coming from the 5G PPP community.

The Roadmap is expected to further advance the 5G security vision within the 5G PPP community and beyond, by building on work conducted within the project and at the programme level, through the 5G PPP Security WG and its Security Landscape White Paper, as well as other collaborative work such as workshops at ETSI and EuCNC and the Open Consultations on 5G  security.

Download the Roadmap here or visit our dedicated section on 5G-ENSURE public deliverables.