International Co-operation on 5G: Highlights from the Global 5G event

Creating the Crossover Collaboration for 5G Eco-society was the theme of the Global 5G event in Tokyo on 24-26 May 2017 bringing together participants from five continents

The Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF), the leading organisation promoting the 5G vision in Japan hosted the two-day workshop and exhibition. Support came from 5G promotion organisations in other parts of the world: the 5G Forum in Korea; 5G Americas; the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group in China and the 5G Industry Association (5G IA) in Europe.

Highlights from the Global 5G Event - Vision of "Crossover Collaboration"

  • Barrier-less co-operation between various industries on the 5G platform with enhanced capabilities. This is key to maximising the true value of 5G.
  • Practical steps towards realising 5G in the 2020 timeframe:
    • Presentation of Japan's 5G field trial project, which started in May 2017.
    • Latest global topics on 5G spectrum harmonisation and collaboration with verticals.

Highlights from the Global 5G Event - European Perspectives

  • Excellent event on the overall global 5G status and future plans.
  • Unique opportunity to meet key 5G stakeholders from around the world.
  • Key takeaways: verticals and trials, where the automotive sector appears to be the most advanced amongst the verticals in terms of 5G trials.
  • Momentum in the development of the future 5G ecology demonstrations in a large number of cities.
  • Research on 5G will continue for several years, as these systems require continuous evolution to reach full maturity.

Next event: 4th Global 5G Event, 22-24 November 2017, Seoul, Korea, hosted by the 5G Forum

Source: "Crossover Collaboration on 5G", Milon Gupta, EURESCOM Message, Summer 2017