Ericsson spurs development of next-generation cloud infrastructure and services

Ericsson test environments drive global innovation

Ericsson’s Global Information and Communication Technology Centre in Quebec is a purpose-built, highly scalable and sustainable facility covering 20,000 m2. It is Ericsson’s third Global ICT Centre after Linköping and Rosersberg (Sweden) and is part of its drive towards extensive rationalisation and virtualisation.

The Global ICT Centres:

  • allow Ericsson to emulate an operator’s mobile network and test new solutions as if they were running on a live network. In the near future, Ericsson’s customers will be able to connect remotely for interoperability testing, trials, early access and innovation on new offerings from any location.
  • are powered by Ericsson’s cloud solutions and will host a substantial part of the company’s product portfolio. Using Ericsson’s Hyperscale Datacenter System 800 provides significant cost savings.
  • shorten innovation cycles and increase global collaboration while also reducing R&D costs. The Ericsson cloud portfolio is used to transform IT from a static function to a dynamic, economically-driven function.
  • support engineering on virtual platforms with global test labs and IT hubs connected via a single virtual environment, supporting Ericsson to host 5G development under one roof.

Ericsson steps up progress toward sustainability goals

The Centres are also an important step towards achieving the company’s sustainability goals. The cutting-edge design of the centres, combined with modular and scalable construction, secures efficient use of energy and space. Ericsson estimates a 40% reduction in energy use compared with 2012 test lab energy baseline when all three centres are in operation.

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