Contribute to the 5G-ENSURE Open Consultation on 5G Security

The 5G-ENSURE Open Consultation on 5G Security will offer key insights into the current state of play and help define priorities moving forward.

The Open Consultation targets a wide range of stakeholders to reflect the multi-actor 5G landscape: industry verticals, 5G industry (technology providers, connectivity providers, SMEs), standardisation organisations, policy makers and users (e.g. smart cities).

Completing the Open Consultation is an opportunity to share your views on multiple facets related to 5G security, privacy, and trust:

  • Are security requirements across vertical industries clearly understood and defined?
  • Have security threats across 5G technologies been clearly identified?
  • Are the right solutions in place to address the requirements and risks?
  • Do we have a common definition of network slice and which security mechanisms apply? What other security aspects should 5G prioritise, e.g. IoT, security management?
  • How is the 5G PPP, related initiatives and organisations shaping 5G security?
  • Is the 5G security architecture well defined?
  • Which security functions do industries NOT trust to be outsourced to the network?
  • Should 5G systems support security monitoring capable of detecting advanced cyber security threats and support coordinated monitoring between different domains and systems?
  • Should 5G system interactions be auditable and produce evidence of liabilities?
  • Have the requirements for trust between stakeholders to manage risks been clearly identified?
  • What legal issues might hold back the deployment of 5G networks?
  • How well is 5G security standardisation progressing?

Please set aside sufficient time to complete the Open Consultation:

All responses are treated anonymously.

Thank you for sharing your views.