Building Security into 5G: an ETSI interview with Anand Prasad, 3GPP

In this interview, Adrian Scrase, CTO at ETSI discusses 5G security standardisation within the 3GPP with Anand Prasad, NEC Corporation, Chairman 3GPP SA3 and also 5G-ENSURE expert.

5G Security Challenges

5G is highly complex and has many new scenarios, all of which pose new security challenges. So what are the standardisation priorities within 3GPP and what is the state of play?

3GPP always starts with security from the beginning, many things are not yet defined, but SA3 has started work on many of the potential security issues.

3GPP SA3 has defined security areas in 5G, such as architecture, authentication, slicing, authorisation, RAN security and many more. At the moment SA3 has identified threats & requirements and has initial security solutions for most of the areas. The security group works hand-in-hand with the architecture group – SA2 and with the RAN group as well.

Privacy in 5G

How important is privacy in future design?

Privacy becomes extremely important and there are regulations for that. Future systems should fulfil regulatory requirements and SA3 has taken care of this from the very beginning, also bearing in mind that Lawful Interception must be enabled in 4 and 5G networks.

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