5G: From RAN to Research - where do we stand?

TelecomTV has published its exclusive video "5G World - News Extra". Here are our top picks.

The 3GPP is on course to deliver the first drop of the much awaited Release-15 in December 2017. The release has been split into two phases, with the second drop coming in June 2018, to allow the release of the 5G standalone mode.

From RAN

Balazs Bertenyi, Chairman, 3GPP TSG RAN: The non-standable mode covers LT and the LT control plane with 5G coming in as a capacity boost in a dual connectivity kind of configuration. The standalone mode in June 2018 includes the core network functionalities like slicing as a defining new piece of functionality. On the radio side, full standalone covers base stations and the control plane functionalities to allow 5G to function irrespectively of LT.

To Research

Technology research is at the heart of all new commercial systems. While a lot of work has already been achieved, a tremendous amount of work still needs doing.

Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Founder and Director, 5GIC: The real differentiators between 5G and previous generations are ultra reliability, low latency and massive connectivity. This is an area that still requires further work and further standardisation before we can assume that 5G is completely ready.

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