5G-ENSURE Takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2017

From standards development to spectrum harmonisation, and from demonstrations to alliances, 5G was the undoubted star of the Mobile World Congress 2017. Here's our take on the show with a glimpse at what it meant for our partners right there in Barcelona, including some policy insights.

5G Innovation Drivers for the EU

Director General of DG Connect, Roberto Viola set out the innovation drivers for 5G rollout in Europe, as 5G is a key to achieving the policy objectives for the digitisation of industry. Drivers include a harmonised approach for standardisation and spectrum, with Europe moving from technology experiments and validation tests and, ultimately to field trials. In his keynote, vice-President Ansip said "We need 5G to become an enabler for a better connected and caring society". 

b<>com: groundbreaking research 

Journalists from TechNative captured groundbreaking research from our French SME partner in a Q&A with Michel Corriou, Networks and Security director. The article highlights b<>com's focus on certain key 5G technologies like SDN, cloudification, and the convergence of radio access networks. Through the involvement of investor-members, the company is at the crossroads of issues raised by academic research and needs expressed by industry. b<>com promoted the 5G-ENSURE 5G test bed, enablers and security-by-design approach during the event, and also supported the distribution of the new 5G PPP White Paper "Innovations for new Business Opportunities".

Telecom Italia: multi-stakeholder approach to 5G

During the press event hosted by the 5G Infrastructure Association, Telecom Italia stressed the need to make 5G an all-embracing technology, where not just industry and research but also citizens need to play a part. The new partnership between Turin and Telecom Italia hopes to rollout 5G technologies for all citizens and is the first such programme to be announced.

Ericsson: partnerships for the new digital frontier

MWC17 was an important opportunity for Ericsson to demonstrate the value of working across industries, physical boundaries and perceived limitations. Demos and discussions revolved around 5G; platforms and services for IT, Cloud, Networks and TV & Media; connected solutions for industries and the Internet of Things. Vice-President Ansip also stopped the Ericsson stand to see their contributions towards 5G evolution.

NOKIA: closer to the future

MWC17 provided an invaluable opportunity to zoom in on the NOKIA's 5G First strategy and show just how much 5G is evolving from theory to reality. Like Ericsson, NOKIA highlighted the importance of collaboration and being part of the ecosystem in a smashing blog post by Simon Poulter, Mobile World Congress: the year the future got that much closer. We have both on board 5G-ENSURE to collaborate on 5G security, privacy and trust.

5G-ENSURE: global reach on social media

Last but not least, social media played a key role in reaching audiences beyond the 108,000 attendants at MWC17, with NOKIA and Ericsson both among the top 8 social media influencers.

5G-ENSURE was pleased to see interest coming from Brazil. We had top engagement with 5G Americas Latin America, 5G Americas Brasil, EUBra-BIG SEA and RedeRNP. On the policy front, we attracted attention from Roberto Viola (Director General at DG Connect), the Digital Single Market and EC Net Technologies while our tweets on b<>com were shared by Startup Europe and Networld 2020 SME. And of course, the Mobile World Congress.