IT Innovation presents trust and security modelling at National Security and Resilience

Sunday, 9 October, 2016

The UK's National Security and Resilience takes place on 9 November 2016 in London on the theme of "Adapt and Transform - Responding to the emergence of rapidly changing and adaptable threats".

Strategies to build resilience in an evolving threat landscape

This 1-day conference combines national security needs with an in-depth understanding of the design and implementation of resilience solutions.

Organisations cannot remove all of the possible threats they face but, in addition to the security measures in place to protect their most valuable assets, they should also have plans and strategies to respond to serious incident and the contingency arrangements for getting back to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible. Hosted by the National Security & Resilience Consortium (NS&RC), the conference will help participants identify future threats to their organisation and help them strategise and plan business security and resilience.

Dr Mike Surridge, Research Director, University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre will give a talk on on trust and security modelling, including the Trust Builder from 5G-ENSURE. IT Innovation is leading the development of a new trust model for 5G future networks as key to building consumer confidence.

National Security and Resilience