ETSI Workshop: From Research To Standardisation

Tuesday, 10 May, 2016

The significant research efforts in the domain of information and communications technology domain under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme is generating a wealth of knowledge and know-how key to rolling out new generations of technology.

Standards activities can help bridge the gap between research and industrial development of products and services by facilitating the commercialisation of research results. However, many people in the research community are not aware of the options open to them when it comes to transforming ideas into industrial consensus. On the other hand, the industrial and standards community may be unaware of the wide range of technology advances and alternative solutions. What is often missing is a close link and information flow between the respective communities.

The ETSI Workshop, from research to standardisation on 10-11 May 2016, is  a great opportunity for researchers and industry representatives to come together and identify common areas of interest. People from the business community will have first-hand access to state-of-the-art knowledge and future trends in an early stage of development, including 5G. Researchers will be able to present latest their research results to industry, jointly identify the components that are best suited to standardisation and product development activities and to agree on specific next steps.

5G-ENSURE is taking an active part in the workshop as part of its stakeholder engagement plan, promoting its work on standards, its public consultation on 5G security and upcoming international workshop on stanstandardisation on 16 June 2016 during the ETSI Security Week.

Workshop agenda 10 May | Workshop Agenda 11 May | Demos | Posters.