5G-PPP projects converge at NetWorld2020, 19 April 2016

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

Many of the activities of the European Technology Platform, NetWorld2020, in the recent years have been towards supporting and proposing research directions of ICT topics in Horizon 2020 and in particular of the 5G PPP, e.g. preparing a Strategic Research Agenda and several Whitepapers.

The NetWorld2020 event on 19 April 2016 will report on these activities, as well as future plans and the drivers behind them. The event will also be a good place for meeting and networking with a strong participation from the NetWorld2020 membership expected.

5G-ENSURE will be joining other 5G-PPP projects to focus on priorities within the joint programme. The 1-hour afternoon session features lightning talks and a panel discussion with the following 5G-PPP projects:

  • 5G-XHaul: Transport Requirements of 5G Networks, Jens Bartelt, TU Dresden
  • 5G-ENSURE: Security enablers for 5G. Petteri Mannersalo, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 
  • SPEED-5G: QoS and Capacity Expansion through Extended Dynamic Spectrum Access for 5G, Uwe Herzog, Eurescom
  • COHERENT: Towards a software defined control framework for 5G mobile networks. Tinku Rasheed, CREATE-NET
  • 5G NORMA: 5G Mobile Network Architecture. Peter Rost, Nokia
  • CogNet: Managing an adaptive wireless signal coverage system for connected cars. Robert Mullins, Waterford Institute of Technology, TSSG
  • 5G-Crosshaul: An SDN/NFV based control plane for the integrated fronthaul/backhaul 5G transport network. Raul Muñoz, CTTC
  • SELFNET: Experimental experience of SDN/NFV integration in SELFNET. Ricardo Preto, Ubiwhere
  • FANTASTIC-5G: Highway to Affordable Multi-service Support in 5G through Flexible in-band Coexistence. Gerhard Wunder, FhG HHI


Organiser: Uwe Herzog, supported by Thomas Walter and Mustafa Ergen

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