5G-Infrastructure Association Media & Analyst Event 28 February, MWC2017, Barcelona

Monday, 27 February, 2017 to Thursday, 2 March, 2017

Mobile World Congress (MWC17) - 28 February 2017, 14:00 Media Village - Room 1: The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) is hosting its annual Media & Analyst Event "5G Action Plan - From Research to Trials". 

The members of the 5G IA are pleased to invite the media and IT industry analysts to a briefing on the evolution of European 5G initiatives from Research to Trials at Mobile World Congress 2017 on 28 February from 14:00 to 15:30.

The European work for the preparation of 5G has been progressing dramatically under the leadership of the 5G-Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP), notably after the launch of the strategic projects of the first phase in 2015. The progress achieved to date will be presented in a new White Paper – “5G innovations for new business opportunities” – which will be issued at the event.  The paper identifies recommendations of the EU telecom sector towards harmonised 5G standardisation, spectrum, deployment and regulation from this work.

During the event, Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT at the European Commission, as well as executives from leading global technology member companies, will discuss the progress being achieved through European 5G Research, the emergence of 5G standards, and prospects for investments in the new infrastructure, while representatives of the vertical industries and the public sector will outline their needs and expectations for 5G.

A major discussion point will be technology experiments, validation tests, and eventually field trials as outlined in 5G Action Plan that will be needed between now and 2020 to facilitate the development of 5G. The roadmap for the implementation of advanced pre-commercial trials, to be launched in key sectors in 2018 and to be promoted at EU level, will then be presented, in view of ensuring Europe leadership in the context of the accelerated global agenda for the introduction of 5G.

List of Panelists
Moderator: Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, 5G Infrastructure Association
Roberto Viola, European Commission, DG CONNECT
Ulf Ewaldsson, Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson
Adrian Scrase, Chief Technology Officer, ETSI
Wen Tong, CTO, Wireless Network, Huawei Technologies
Markus Borchert, Senior VP Europe, Nokia
Alain Maloberti, Senior VP, Orange Labs Networks, Orange
Ruy Pinto, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, SES
Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer, City of Amsterdam
Paola Pisano, Deputy Major, City of Turin
Fathi El-Dwaik, VP Information, Communication Electronics, BMW

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