The term "privacy" covers a wide range of concepts including privacy of individual identity, privacy of confidential and especially personal data, privacy regarding personal location, etc. The pervasive nature of mobile devices has already given rise to lots of privacy challenges.
The 5G ENSURE Privacy enabler identifies 5G user privacy requirements and provides security mechanisms able to prevent privacy violations by adopting a proactive approach.

Challenges addressed
5G networks will handle privacy sensitive user data and important information related to the subscribers’ identities, e.g., the international mobile subscriber identification number (IMSI), mobile phone number (MSISDN), IMEI, the subscribers’ locations and so on. Today mobile applications (malware/spyware, misbehaving applications and also common applications) disclose a large amount of personal and device identifying information (e.g., IMSI, phone number, location data, IMEI etc.). Most users are becoming privacy-aware and understand that if such private information is accessed by applications, their privacy is not guaranteed.

Relevance for 5G-ENSURE
The privacy enablers will enhance user data protection by proposing solutions at several layers, radio, network, and application. The privacy enabler will put the users in control of their privacy, by offering means to anonymize their sensitive data and also to configure their own privacy policy. A proposal will be made to define an end-to-end encryption scheme that can provide protection to user data all the way from its origin to its destination and thus overcome the fragmentation of the currently available security mechanisms.