Telecom Italia Information Technology is Action Line Leader for Privacy, Security and Trust inside EIT Digital. This expertise will be used within the 5G-ENSURE project to provide insight for improving privacy in future network, e.g. by the proposition of practical techniques to support data privacy. 

It is also an active member of the GSMA Security Group (GSMA-SG) and 3GPP- SA3 supports the activities related to standardisation of 5G. 

Telecom Italia Information Technology is a company belonging to the Telecom Italia Group. Driven by technological innovation and a commitment to service excellence, TIIT operates in the Information Technologies & Security services. The security activities of the Group are performed inside the Technical Security Department and specifically most of the R&D security works are carried out by Security Lab inside this department.

These research activities are the outcome of a strategic partnership with the main security manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and systems, and with centres of excellence in research at the most highly qualified national and international academic institutions. The Security Lab will lead the activities aimed to identify suitable use cases for TYOD application. The Security Lab will also contribute to the validation and testing work.