5G-ENSURE Public consultation on 5G security

The 5G-ENSURE project is now consulting stakeholders in the areas of security work on the future network including other 5G-PPP Projects that can provide relevant input.

The focus of the consultation is to receive feedback on 5G security and privacy challenges, priorities, solutions required and to understand how to drive 5G standardisation to ensure that security is correctly addressed. Another objective is to initiate and sustain constructive external relationships over time with key 5G players on the security vision and priorities. In particular, 5G-ENSURE welcomes points of view, perspectives on future technological advances in the 5G security domain, the foreseen risks, impact and mitigation measures. Listening to stakeholder concerns and feedback can be a valuable source of information to evaluate how the project activities are in line with vertical market expectations, helping to improve project activities and outcomes, and better addressing security aspects in Standards Developing Organisations.

5G-ENSURE belongs to the group of EU-funded projects which collaboratively develop the future 5G network under the umbrella of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme.

The overall goal of 5G-ENSURE is to deliver strategic impact across technology and business enablement, standardisation and vision for a secure, trusted, resilient and viable 5G network. The project covers research & innovation - from technical solutions (5G security architecture and test bed with 5G security enablers) to market validation and stakeholder engagement - spanning various application domains.

During the first months of the project, a set of use cases illustrating security and privacy aspects of 5G networks have been identified and used as basis for understanding 5G security needs and as inputs to define security enablers for 5G. These enablers cover the areas of AAA, Privacy, Trust, Security Monitoring, and Network Management & Virtualisation Isolation. These areas have been selected for their relevance in addressing some of the foremost security concerns which need to be solved to generate the trust and confidence in 5G necessary for wide adoption of 5G so it can deliver its promises through innovative business applications. The enablers, identified in the first phase, aim to provide the additional security functions that can be offered as high valuable security services. The security enablers will be used to realise an evolved 5G security architecture anchored in a new trust model. At the same time, part of the project work has also been devoted to monitor the on-going 5G standardisation activities to identify where priority security aspects, how to begin discussion around security issues and how to contribute to promoteing native support of security mechanisms in 5G network.

Contributions to the Open Consultation are welcome from:
  • Standardisation organisations
  • 5G-PPP projects, including academics, researchers and business representatives.
  • Business verticals (providers of 5G products and services e.g.:
    • Automotive: Car manufacturers/industry
    • Mobile industry/big Telcos
    • Academia
    • Network and technology providers (chipset makers)
    • Services (insurance, driver assistance, security on content delivery)
    • Satellite based communication services
    • eHealth: Regulators, Health companies/industry, Users
  • European Associations & International organisations (e.g. IMT2020)
  • 5G Industry e.g.:
    • Technology providers: Device & SW, Component makers, Developers
    • SMEs
    • Connectivity providers: Network operators, Hotspot providers, Service providers
  • Users, e.g.:
    • End users
    • Technology providers: M2M component providers
    • Smart Cities
  • Policy Markers:
    • Regulators (ITU, WP5D, ECC, ECC PT1)
    • European Commission representatives

How to respond

  • Respond online using the form below - please make sure you allocate the time necessary for sharing your expertise and views.
  • Only responses received through the online questionnaire will be taken into account.

Replies & feedback

  • 5G-ENSURE will publish an analysis of the results of the consultation on web site http://www.5gensure.eu/, 1 month after the consultation closes.

Protection of personal data

  • For transparency purposes, none of the responses to the present consultation will be made public. Only an aggregation analysis based on the answer received will be presented. By leaving your contact details, we can share the results of the Open Consultation and if requested conduct follow-up actions. 

The results of the consultation were presented during the 5G-ENSURE workshop that will take place in Sophia Antipolis, France on 16 June 2016.

Duration: Opens on 21-04-2016 – closes on 27-05-2016

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