Publication of the 5G Pan-EU Trials Roadmap Version 2.0

Seoul, South Korea – 23 November 2017  – The 5G Pan-EU Trials Roadmap Version 2.0 has been presented and discussed at the 4th Global 5G event in Seoul.

Since 2016, the 5G-IA Trials working group has been building a solid and comprehensive strategy to develop the 5G Pan-EU coordinated trials. The first version of the 5G Pan-EU Trials Roadmap, released in May 2017, addressed several of the 5G Action Plan (5GAP) key elements and targeted to develop the necessary synergies between these elements.

This latest iteration of the Roadmap, Version 2.0, covers the latest updates to the Roadmap strategy, the 5G Private Trials, the 5G Platforms, the 5G Vertical Pilots, the 5G Pan-EU Flagship event 5G for UEFA EURO 2020 and the 5G Trials Cities.

The main objectives of the Roadmap 2.0 are to:

  • Support global European leadership in 5G technology, 5G networks deployment and profitable 5G business.
  • Validate benefits of 5G to vertical sectors, public sector, businesses and consumers.
  • Initiate a clear path to successful and timely 5G deployment.
  • Expand commercial trials and demonstrations as well as national initiatives.

A coordinated Pan-European approach to trials is essential for a timely and effective deployment of 5G in Europe. To this aim, the 5G-IA Trials WG will continue its work and, in particular, will foster cooperation with relevant organisations and companies from key vertical sectors.

Additional information on the “5G Trials Working Group” and on the “5G Pan-European Trials Roadmap” is available here.

Press Contact: Alessandro Bedeschi, The 5G Infrastructure Association

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