Towards 5G Security Enablers and Test-bed

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5G-ENSURE is successfully building on its 1st year achievements in terms of technical results and stakeholder engagement. This issue of the 5G-ENSURE newsletter reports on the highly successful b<>com had at the 9th International Cyber Security Forum showcasing the 5G test-bed.
We also announce the publication of the updated Technical Roadmap for the Security Enablers (D3.5).  

b<>com test-bed showcase at 9th International Cyber Security Forum 2017

The 9th International Cyber Security Forum last January was the perfect backdrop for showcasing 5G-ENSURE results using its 5G Test-Bed.

The b<>com stand at FIC2017 featured demos and an interview with Michel Corriou, b<>com on the 5G Test-Bed.

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5G-ENSURE publishes updated Security Enablers Technical Roadmap

The updated Technical Roadmap for the 5G-ENSURE Enablers details each of the enablers along with their targeted features, paving the way for the second and final version (v2), due in August 2017. The Roadmap demonstrates the excellence coverage the enablers have as standalones but most importantly co-jointly with regard to the 5G use cases identified.

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