How 5G-ENSURE is contributing to European excellence


5G-ENSURE is the flagship project for security and privacy in the 5G PPP of the European Union under Horizon 2020 (public private partnership on 5G infrastructure).

As part of the drive to realise the full potential of 5G and boost innovation across European industrial verticals, Europe is working towards a common understanding of 5G solutions and scenarios, including security and privacy with a new 5G trust model.

How is 5G-ENSURE contributing to European excellence?

5G-ENSURE core activities range from analysing and prioritising 5G security and privacy requirements, defining a security architecture for 5G, to developing and testing an initial set of security and privacy enablers for 5G.

5G-Ensure has a strong focus on early security standardisation for 5G.

5G-ENSURE outputs

5G Use Cases

5G-ENSURE has identified a set of use cases illustrating security and privacy aspects of 5G networks. Based on similarities in technical, service and/or business-model related aspects, the use cases are grouped into clusters covering a wide variety of deployments including, for example, the Internet of Things, Software Defined Networks and virtualisation, ultra-reliable and standalone operations. The use cases address security and privacy enhancements of current networks as well as security and privacy functionality needed by new 5G features.

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Early Vision for the 5G PPP security enablers technical roadmap and open specifications

5G-ENSURE has produced its early vision for the 5G security and privacy enablers it plans to release in two major releases. The open specifications of the 5G security enablers are now also available in preparation for the first software release (v1.0) planned in Autumn 2016. The final release is planned for August 2017.

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Collaboration with the 5G PPP

5G PPP Security Work Group: takeaways from 1st F2F Meeting

The 5G PPP Security Work Group has been created by the 5G-ENSURE project as a forum for discussion among the projects within the first phase of the 5G PPP interested in 5G Security aspects.
The first F2F meeting  at EuCNC 2016 in Athens has led to a set of concrete actions towards a 5G PPP Security Whitepaper in late 2016. Next steps will be to elaborate good practices and recommendations for 5G PPP projects.

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