Will 5G standards deliver on time?

The telecoms industry is well on the way to defining the new standards for 5G, but it has quite aggressive self-imposed timescales. So will these deadlines be met? Do vendors and operators have faith that the incredibly complex but essential standards process will deliver all the necessary elements on time?

In this exclusive video, Guy Daniels from TelecomTV asks vendors, operators and a senior advisor of the European Union if 5G standards will deliver on time.

  • Enrico Salvatori, SVP & President, Qualcomm Europe: "It is critical that we arrive all together at the same time with the deployment of the network to avoid what happened with 4G with fragmented availability of the technology". The two-fold framework is: standardisation along the defined timeline.
  • Hossein Moiin, EVP & CTO Mobile Networks, Nokia: "On the vendor side we understand the importance of creating that large scale. We need the process to work and we need to react now. There is a good mode of co-operation in the 3GPP at the moment and other standardisation bodies. We've seen acceleration already happening". The key is to stick to a common standard for scale and viability.
  • Graziano Bini, Head of Wireless Access, Engineering & Devices, TIM: "Standardisation creates the global ecosystem, which, in turn creates scale. It is also important for IoT use cases across different verticals involving other industries".
  • Erik Guttman, TSG SA Chairman, 3GPP, and Consultant, Samsung: "The development of 5G is delivering on the promise for new verticals through concerted activities. Operators are boldy advancing pilot projects aimed at showing and creating the confidence and experience we have in these future developments".
  • Ioana Surpateanu, Senior Advisor, European Parliament: "By 2020 we will have a revised regulation. The challenge is beyond 2020 - having a future-proof regulatory framework in a very fast-paced technology environment".