RISE SICS: 5G-ENSURE Demo at ACM's flagship conference SIGCOMM 17

ACM's flagship SIGCOMM 2017 21-25 August in Los Angeles was the backdrop for showcasing the RISE SICS demo and poster on VNF credentials.

Demo and Poster on VNF Credentials

The demo and poster presented research and innovation in virtual network functions by partners from RISE SICS with a demo and poster on "Safeguarding VNF Credentials with Intel SGX".

The demo shows the various parts of the 5G-ENSURE enabler "Bootstrapping trust", developed by RISE SICS. The demo showcased functionalities such as how to achieve integrity measurements of VNFs, communication with third-party attestation services, as well certificate generation for client authentication to the SDN controller.

Partners from RISE SICS also presented a poster about the enabler, based on an abstract submitted for peer review process by ACM SIGCOMM.

SIGCOMM 2017 Participant Discussions

The demo and poster session was very active and attracted a lots of participants. The demonstration of the 5G-ENSURE enabler by RISE SICS aroused interest because of its specific focus on network security. This led to interesting discussions with participants whose research generally centres on computer networking keen to understand security challenges and how they can be addressed.

Linus Karlsson from RISE SICS, who represented 5G-ENSURE, also discussed 5G-ENSURE in more detail, sharing fliers about the 5G PPP project, and rasing awareness about some of the 5G security challenges it is helping to address with an extensive set of enablers.

SIGCOMM is the flagship conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication on applications, technologies, architectures and protocols for computer communication.