Operators push for stronger role in 5G development through new NGMN initiatives

31 May 2016 - The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance has announced its newly launched activities on 5G Trial & Testing, End-to-end Architecture and Vehicle-to-X. The Alliance highlights its commitment to ensure successful 5G development, testing and standardisation in the coming years.

The NGMN Alliance has already provided industry-wide 5G guidance based on its requirements around 5G radio access, architecture, vertical services, security and spectrum. Its board, CTOs from leading international operators, has now agreed on significant new additional work-items for coming years.

  • 5G Trial & Testing Initiative: Defining proof points and testing methodologies, establishing a globally aligned trial and testing platform for all NGMN Partners, comparison and benchmarking of technologies, identification of gaps and support of standardisation.
  • End-to-end Architecture: Developing a 5G end-to-end architectural framework and ‘big picture’, derivation of architecture design guidelines and requirements, enablement of synergies between SDOs and regional alignment.
  • Vehicle-to-X: Evaluating and driving of V2X technologies and business opportunities, co-operation with automotive industry stakeholders.

Source: NGMN