ETSI elects 5G-ENSURE expert as its NFV Chairman

Diego Lopez, Telefonica and member of the 5G-ENSURE Advisory Board, elected as ETSI NFV Chairman from 1 August 2016.

ETSI renews Network Functions Virtualisation Industry Specification Group

ETSI’s Industry Specification Group for Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) has renewed its leadership team and established a new structure to meet the demands of its forthcoming set of protocol and data model specifications. New Chairman, Diego Lopez of Telefonica, has been elected to continue this work and lead the NFV community over the next two years. He aims to keep the Industry Specification Group as a central reference point for the NFV community, consolidating the NFV technology base across the various initiatives built on it. Maintaining a well-balanced interaction with the Open Source initiatives born out of the NFV concepts will be key to future consensus development and community building.

In order to properly address the features from current Release 2 and future release specifications, ETSI NFV has created a new working group, Solutions (SOL), charged with the task of delivering a consolidated set of protocols and data model specifications to support interoperability. The chairman and vice-chairman of this group are Bruno Chatras (Orange) and Thinh Nguyenphu (Nokia) respectively.

Further recent leadership changes include a new chair of the Evolution and Ecosystem (EVE) working group, Yun Chao Hu (Huawei), a new chair and vice-chair of the Testing and Open Source (TST) working group, Marie-Paule Odini (HPE) and Pierre Lynch (Ixia Technologies), respectively; and two additional vice-chairs appointed to the Interfaces and Architecture (IFA) working group to manage the increased workload in Release 3: Ning Zong (Huawei) and Marc Flauw (HPE).

5G-ENSURE Advisory Board

Diego Lopez is a member of the 5G-ENSURE Advisory Board to strategically steer the project with regard to 5G security standardisation and cyber security challenges. All members of the AB can be viewed here.