b<>com Test-bed Showcase at 9th International Cyber Security Forum 2017

5G-ENSURE partner, the Institute of Research and Technology (IRT) b<>com, is an SME based in Rennes that showcased 5G-ENSURE results and its 5G Test-Bed at the 9th International Cyber Security Forum last January (#FIC2017).

The b<>com stand at FIC2017 featured demos and an interview with Michel Corriou, b<>com on the 5G Test-Bed.

Q. What is the purpose of the 5G test-bed and how important is it in the context of the 5G PPP?

Michel Corriou: The purpose of the 5G test-bed is to provide an environment where the security enablers (which are developed by the 5G-ENSURE partners) can be easily integrated, deployed and tested. 5G is not only a matter of technology. Methodology is also a concern and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a target of 5G in order to speed up the set-up of new services and upgrades. This CI/CD methodology must be applied also in Research & Innovation cycles and so is adopted across the 5G PPP partnership projects.

Q. How reliable is the 5G test-bed in terms of real settings?

Michel Corriou: For sure, it is not aiming to be a carrier grade deployment: most of the building blocks rely on open source components and, for example, the test-bed is not targeting performance testing but interoperability and security testing. The main challenge, which is addressed, is to provide an end-to-end framework for integration, meaning that test cases can be performed at very different steps of the new generation mobile service chain.

Q. What is the roadmap for validating the 5G-ENSURE security enablers?

Michel Corriou: There is a roadmap for an evaluation of the first release of enablers by the end of Q1 2017 and a major milestone is to have this full evaluation at project end in Q4 2017.

But the key message of the test-bed and 5G-ENSURE is about our Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment methodology: every enabler developer is responsible for the quality of its enabler, and for providing the test plan for sanity checks and the security test plan. The test-bed is providing the tooling for automation in order to have a dashboard with a status of the enablers available in the catalogue.

The full interview is available on the 5G-ENSURE LinkedIn Post.

The b<>com stand at FIC2017 received a lot of attention on social media, including coverage by the French Pole d'Excellence Cyber (@ExcellenceCyber) and received over 5,500 Twitter impressions over the two days.