5G Security at your Doorsteps!

The 3GPP is  standards body that works within the scope of the ITU to develop 3rd (and future) generation wireless technologies that build upon the base provided by GSM. Last week it concluded its 82nd 3GPP SA3 standardisation meeting. 

In a new LinkedIn Pulse post, Anand R. Prasad, Chief Advanced Technologist, Executive Specialist at NEC Corp., and member of the 5G-ENSURE Advisory Board explains why the latest developments are important for 5G.  

It was daily business with the conclusion of the new Release - Release 13 - but in that daily business something big happened silently. The study on Next Generation / 5G security was agreed! This is not just any other thing happening in the standardisation world. This is the first step towards making a new generation of mobile communications system a reality "5G" -- seems far but in the blink of an eye everyone will be using the technology!


Links: 3GPP http://www.3gpp.org/ and LinkedIn Pulse https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5g-security-your-doorsteps-anand-r-prasad