5G PPP White Paper: Cognitive Network Management for 5G

This white paper looks at the novelties for network management in 5G and explains current developments within the 5G PPP.

New demands of users, services and applications will completely revolutionise next generation mobile networks. 5G will be synonymous with much more complex management requirements based on the softwarisation of network resources. Ultimately, this will lead to a system that requires real-time management based on a hierarchy of complex decision-making techniques that analyse historical, temporal and frequency network data.

Cognitive network management is conceived as the solution for tackling this problem. The use of machine learning to develop self-aware, self-configuring, self-optimisation, self-healing and self-protecting systems will enable cognitive network management. This technology is needed for managing a demanding infrastructure but one that yet has to present scalability and flexibility, such as that
needed in 5G.

Authors of the white paper discuss autonomicity, NFV, SDN, network slicing, architectures, security and KPIs.

Authors from 5G-ENSURE: Luciana Costa, Telecom Italia; Felix Klaedtke, NEC; Jean-Philippe Wary, Orange.

5G PPP White Paper: Cognitive Network Management for 5G