5G-ENSURE publishes updated Security Enablers Technical Roadmap

The Technical Roadmap (D3.5) provides a comprehensive description of  each 5G security enabler, covering both continued developments and completely new enablers, which are part of the second and final release (v2.0) due in August 2017. The Roadmap details each enabler in terms of targeted features, demonstrating the excellent coverage they provide and the advantages they offer as standalones. Most importantly, the Roadmap shows the collective value of the enablers with regard to the use cases identified by 5G-ENSURE.

By paving the way for the second wave of 5G security enablers and their software for release by the end of the project, 5G-ENSURE makes an important contribution in further advancing the 5G security vision within the 5G PPP community and beyond.

D3.5 5G PPP Security Enablers Technical Roadmap (Update)