5G-ENSURE Public Consultation on 5G Security and Standardisation

5G-ENSURE has consulted with stakeholders on security work in future 5G networks as part of a sustained multi-stakeholder dialogue. Respondents of the first public consultation include representatives from industry and academia within the 5G PPP as one of the primary stakeholder groups for 5G-ENSURE, with many of them contributing, directly or indirectly through their organisations, to standardisation on 5G, particularly the 3GPP, ETSI, and the IETF. Other respondents are involved in EU projects with a focus on security and privacy in cloud computing.

Main findings of the Public Consultation

  • Priority areas for 5G standardisation work are: Virtualisation, trust model, privacy and security architecture.
  • 5G security can build on the security of 4G networks: authentication and key agreement AKA mechanism, crypto algorithms, and confidentiality of device and user identity.
  • The biggest privacy challenges are end-to-end data confidentiality and user control. Privacy should be independent from law enforcement agencies.
  • New trust models are required to support new business models with new actors and new relationships, e.g. between traditional operator and industry verticals.
  • Key issues for 5G virtualisation and multi-tenant environments stem from the lack of logical and physical isolation and lack of authentication between the virtual functions.

The results of the Public Consultation were discussed at the 1st 5G-ENSURE International Workshop on Security Standardisation.

Luciana Costa, TIM Italia, 5G-ENSURE Results from the Open Consultation 5G Security