5G PPP Cross Project workshop, 6-7 February 2017 in Athens

Monday, 6 February, 2017 to Tuesday, 7 February, 2017

The 5G PPP cross-project workshop takes place in Athens on 6-7 February.

Workshop themes include Overall RAN Design and Architecture, Network Slicing, Security, Air Interface Design, Complexity, Performance and use cases.

The workshop gathers most of the 5G PPP projects, focusing on radio aspects for future communication networks. In the two-day workshop, topics like scenarios and evaluations of 5G system will be treated along with discussions on 5G Architecture and overall 5G RAN Design. The workshop is a significant effort of the project METIS-II, which aims to bring the European research activities on 5G together, to enable collaboration among the ongoing projects to create a unified European view, and to ensure a successful start of standardisation of 5G system in the next months.

Participants at the workshop will discuss progress of the 5G PPP projects, share their understanding of how 5G fits together, with the aim of aligning project perspectives at the European joint programme level.

Participants outside the EU 5G PPP are also welcome to join the event.

Workshop agenda

  • Overall 5G RAN design and Overall 5G architecture, Session organiser: Patrick Marsch, NOKIA. Participating projects: METIS-II, Flex5Gware, mmMAGIC, COHERENT, 5G CHARISMA, 5G-XHaul.
  • Network slicing and Control Plane Architecture and SDN for 5G? Session organiser: Olav Queseth, Ericsson. Participating projects: METIS-II, 5G NORMA, 5G-XHaul, 5G-Crosshaul, VirtuWind
  • Security. Session organiser: Pascal Bisson, Thales. Participating projects: METIS-II, SUPERFLUIDITY, 5G CHARISMA, 5G-ENSURE.
  • Air interface design. Session organiser: Frank Shaih. Participating projects: METIS-II, mmMAGIC, FANTASTIC-5G.
  • Complexity. Session organiser: Michael Faerber. Participating projects: METIS-II, Flex5Gware.
  • Use cases, models and performance. Session organiser: Michal Maternia. Participating projects: METIS-II, FANTASTIC-5G, Flex5Gware, mmMAGIC, COHERENT, 5G CHARISMA, 5G-XHaul.

The workshop, jointly organised by a set of 5G PPP Phase 1 projects after the initiative of METIS-II, is the third in the series, after those in Kista in 2015 and in Valencia in 2016.

Venue: Metropolitan Hotel, Leof. Andrea Siggrou 385, Paleo Faliro 175 64, Athens, Greece