5G-ENSURE is organising a workshop on 12 June at EuCNC, a successful technical and scientific conference on communication networks and systems, services and applications.

The Workshop, 5G Security - Phase 1 landscape and foreseen evolutions, builds on the work conducted on 5G Security Work Group within the 5G PPP. Created and coordinated by the 5G- ENSURE project (5G Enablers for network and system security and resilience), which is a Phase 1 project for the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Workshop Goals

  • Present the 5G Security Landscape whitepaper, as result of the exchange and collaborative work conducted with other 5G PPP Phase 1 projects active or interested in the security field, spanning CHARISMA, SELFNET, 5G-NORMA, SONATA, 5G-Ex, SPEED-5G, COGNET, SESAME, VIRTUWIND, SUPERFLUIDITY, METIS II. The whitepaper focus is on common topics of interest, e.g. 5G Security architecture, 5G Privacy, Trust, Security Monitoring and Management, Slicing/Virtualisation and Standardisation. The WG has identified major issues and agree upon a common position.  The findings can provide a reference point for driving future work on 5G security.
  • Open up discussion with other relevant stakeholders to complement the findings coming from the Landscape whitepaper, with a particular focus on future actions encompassing policy, economic, social and technological perspectives and seeking to establish links between all the domains that will be impacted by 5G security.
  • Provide the necessary guidance for future projects in ensuring 5G Security advances in the right direction, including the uptake of assets coming from Phase 1 projects and manifested through collective work achieved within 5G PPP Security WG, which would help to strengthen cross-project fertilisation.

Workshop Features

  • Findings of “5G Security Landscape” whitepaper on behalf of the 5G PPP Security WG.
  • Keynotes with one or two invited speakers.
  • Panel on “5G Security Perspectives”

The Panel discussion will bring together representatives of large industry, vertical domains (e.g. Industry 4.0, Energy, Automotive), legislation/regulation, large organisations such as Interpol of NATO, cyber security institution (e.g. ECSO) or government. Looking at the different perspectives the panel aims to identify security gaps between current industry/agency security practices and the focus of 5G PPP Phase 1 projects on 5G Security.

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