The 5G-ENSURE workshop, 5G Security - Phase 1 landscape and foreseen evolutions, takes place on Monday 12 June at EuCNC 2017 from 13:30 to 17:00 in Room IT113.

5G Security - Phase 1 landscape and foreseen evolutions: Workshop Focus

The workshop builds on the work conducted by 5G PPP Security Work Group, with expert inputs from 5G-ENSURE, CHARISMA, SELFNET, 5G-NORMA, SONATA, 5G-Ex, SPEED-5G, COGNET, SESAME, VIRTUWIND, SUPERFLUIDITY, METIS II. The workshop presents the 1st jointly authored white paper from the Security WG, covering major 5G security topics: 5G Security architecture, 5G Privacy, Trust, Security Monitoring and Management, Slicing/Virtualisation and Standardisation. The result of the exchanges and collaborative work is a commonly held position on 5G security risks, requirements, current approaches and future research challenges, serving also as an important reference for Phase 2 projects of the 5G PPP. 

The workshop will open up discussion with other relevant stakeholders to complement the findings from the Landscape white paper, especially future actions from policy, economic, social, and technology perspectives, seeking to establish strong links with all domains impacted by 5G security.

The workshop will provide the necessary guidance for for future projects in ensuring that 5G security advances in the right direction, including the uptake of relevant assets from Phase 1 projects that is manifested in the collective work of the 5G PPP Security WG, helping to strengthen cross-project fertilisation.

5G Security - Phase 1 landscape and foreseen evolutions: Workshop Agenda

Workshop Chair: Pascal Bisson, Thales and 5G-ENSURE Technical Coordinator

Short Introduction, Pascal Bisson, 5G-ENSURE Technical Coordinator

Part 1: Presentation of the white paper and its major findings

  • 5G Security Requirements & Risks (highlights), CHARISMA
  • 5G Security Architecture, Pascal Bisson
  • Access Control to 5G, 5G-ENSURE
  • Privacy, 5GEx
  • Trust Model, Olliver Holand, 5G-NORMA
  • Security Monitoring, Gregorio Martinez Perez, SELFNET
  • Slicing/Virtualisation and Strong Isolation, VirtuWind
  • Security Standardisation, Pascal Bisson, 5G-ENSURE  

Part 2: Keynote Speech

  • Emmanuel Dotaro, Thales

Part 3: Panel

  • Gabriele Rizzi, Leonardo, Italy
  • Olav Queseth, Ericsson, Finland 
  • Raimo Kantola, University of Aaalto, Finland 
  • Tommi Pernila, NIXU, Finland 

Conclusions and way forward, Pascal Bisson


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