5G-ENSURE Achievements for a secure, trustworthy and viable 5G network

5G promises to be an innovation engine across industries and society.
Security is top-of-mind for most 5G industry use cases, from automotive, high-tech manufacturing and financial services to utilities, healthcare and public safety.  This is where 5G-ENSURE comes into play by driving the 5G security vision for the European 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP).

5G-ENSURE Security Vision

  • Realising the 5G Security Vision through iterative versions of the Technical Roadmap on 5G Security Enablers. Timely contributions to the 5G PPP Vision Working Group on security aspects.
  • Specification, development and documentation of a set of 5G security enablers fully aligned with the most pressing demands, also confirmed by 5G Security Open Consulations in 2016 and 2017.
  • A series of roadmaps defining the challenges and needs for 5G security driven by the 5G-ENSURE enablers. The Final Technical Roadmap offers evidence-based perspectives on future directions for 5G security.
  • 5G PPP Collaboration on security. 5G-ENSURE spearheaded the creation of the Security Working Group, which is now sustainable as a WG of the 5G Infrastructure Association (5GIA, representing stakeholders from the private sector. The Security WG has published a widely recognised reference whitepaper: Phase 1 Security Landscape, co-authored with nine peer projects.
  • Peer-reviewed publications, presentations and panel debates at renowned international conferences from ACM, IEEE and Springer to Black Hat Europe and U.S.

5G Security Enablers

The security enablers are recognised as one of the Golden Nuggets of the project. The enablers work as both standalones and combined security features and products. Each enabler comes with open specfications (public and royalty free) enabling anyone interested to come up with their own implementation. Demos showcasing the innovationsare are available for viewing.

  • Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting: Internet of Things; Fine-grained authorisation.
  • Privacy: Enhanced Identity Protection; Device Identifier Privacy; Device-based Anonymisation; Privacy Policy Analysis.
  • Trust: Trust Builder; Trust Metric; VNF Certification; Security Indicator.
  • Security Monitoring: Satellite Network Monitoring; PulSAR (Proactive Security Assessment and Remediation); Generic Collector Interface; System Security State Repository; Malicious Traffic Generator for 5G protocols. 
  • Network Management and Virtualisation: Access Control Mechanisms; Component-interaction Audits; Bootstrapping Trust; Micro-segmentation; Flow Control.

5G Security Architecture

  • Security Architecture, one of the project's Golden Nuggets, and key to expanding the mobile ecosystem giving operators a platform for entirely new business opportunities.
  • Developed around a holistic Trust Model.
  • 5G PPP Collaboration: the security architecture description featured in the 5G PPP whitepaper on 5G architecture.

5G Test-bed

  • Designed and set up to meet the requirements of the enablers against the threats identified by 5G-ENSURE through an extensive set of use cases-
  • Launched in 2016 at the b<>com campus in Rennes, the test-bed shows on a small scale what a 5G network could look like.
  • A sustainable business model has been defined for the test-bed, which is another project Golden Nugget of 5G-ENSURE.

5G Security Standardisation

  • 41 contributions presented to 3GPP SA3 and ETSI. Privacy enabler accepted by 3GPP and included in specification TS 33.501. Collaboration with ETSI TC CYBER on the topic of the PII protection in the mobile context.
  • Workshop on 5G Security Standards, "From Research to Standardisation" as part of the ETSI Security Week 2017.
  • Collaboration with ITU-T SG17 (Security) for information sharing on security standardisation with an overview of 5G-ENSURE contributions to the 5G PPP Phase 1.
  • Regular interaction with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for feedback on the security enablers and relevant standards as part of a mutually beneficial collaboration.
  • Interaction with GSMA on the 5G-ENSURE Trust Model.
  • 5G PPP Collaboration: information sharing with the 5G PPP Pre-Standardisation Working Group. Contribution to the report "Summary for phase I" describing the impacts of the standardisation actions taken by phase I projects and contribution to the 5G Security Landscape Phase 1.

A Networked Community and Media Coverage

  • Regular engagement with LinkedIn Community of 1200 professionals and 740+ Twitter followers, and growing.
  • Media coverage on major privacy and security issues, significantly increasing awareness. Examples of coverage include WIRED and Sky News.
  • 5G PPP collaboration: regular, fruitful contributions to the 5G PPP COMMS Group.
  • Contributing member of the SME Working Group since summer 2017, highlighting the importance of security. Spearheading increased collaboration across the 5G PPP working groups to ensure knowledge exchanve and the definition of common actions.