The 5G PPP brings together cross-project work groups focused on common issues as the basis for convergence on technical and strategic aspects of 5G at the EU programme level. The Work Groups stem from the 5G-Infrastructure Association activities and the 5G PPP projects themselves. Here we report on the Work Groups directly related to 5G-ENSURE.

Last updated: August 2016.

Security Work Group

Co-chairs: Jean-Philippe Wary, Orange and Pascal Bisson, Thales

5G-ENSURE leads the WG on 5G security within the 5G PPP.


  • Bring together the projects within the 5G PPP that have a common interest in the development and progression of topics related to security.
  • Ensure, to as great an extent as possible, that the projects are working in a complementary manner towards consistent goals, exchanging ideas, minimising the duplication of effort, contributing to relevant standards, and, where possible, co-operating on the development of compatible components, demonstrators, the exchange of data, results and the interworking of communication layers, where applicable.

Members: Membership is open to any project with a primary focus on security in scope with the WG’s ToR.
Current members include: 5G-ENSURE, 5G NORMA, SPEED-5G, 5GEX, CHARISMA, CogNet, SELFNET, Virtuwind, SeSAME.


Q2 2016: Contributions to 5G-ENSURE public consultation on 5G security; sharing of 5G-ENSURE results to encourage re-use and sharing of newly acquired expertise within the 5G PPP.

Plans Q4 2016: 5G PPP Security White Paper. Good practices and recommendations for the 5G PPP.

Pre-standardisation WG

Chair: Olav Queseth, Ericsson


  • Identify standardisation and regulatory bodies to align with e.g. ETSI, 3GPP, IEEE and other relevant standards bodies, & ITU-R (incl. WPs) and WRC (including e.g. ECC PT1).
  • Develop a roadmap of relevant standardisation and regulatory topics for 5G: evaluate existing roadmaps at international level and propose own roadmap for 5G being aligned at international level.
  • Influence pre-standardisation on 5G and related R&D: potentially propose where topics should be standardised; influence timing on R&D work programs (e.g. EC WPs).

5G-ENSURE inputs:

Q1 2016: Sharing of project’s vision and activities. Contributions to the message on standardisation at MWC2016 (February) by drawing attention to security and privacy aspects.

Q2 2016: WG coordinator active participation at 5G-ENSURE 1st International Workshop on 5G Security Standardisation, bearing testimony to valuable contributions, including use cases covering very diverse security requirements in 5G networks.

Future steps: sharing of hands-on technical results and updates on contributions to standardisation efforts. Contribution to WG Roadmap and alignment of 5G-ENSURE roadmap for security standardisation.

Architecture Work Group

Chair: Simone Redana, Nokia


  • Serve as a common platform to facilitate the discussion between 5G PPP projects developing architectural concepts and components.
  • Foster the discussions on the basis of the KPIs described in the 5G PPP contract.
  • Facilitate consensus building on the 5G architecture.

5G-ENSURE inputs:

Q2-3 2016: Contribution to the 5G PPP White Paper "View on 5G Architecture" (final version, July 2016).