2nd International Workshop - Speakers

Madalina Baltatu 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Madalina Baltatu

Madalina Baltatu is a security consultant for the Cyber Security department of Telecom Italia Mobile. She graduated (M.Sc.) in Telecommunications Engineering at the Politehnica University of Bucharest in 1997 and has a Ph.D. in Network Security from the Politecnico di Torino (2002). In 2002 she starts working in Telecom Italia for the Security Lab, where her main areas of interest are network security (IPsec), anomaly detection techniques, biometrics-based authentication and encryption, mobile security and threat intelligence. She was involved in many security related European funded projects and is an author of several international patents.​

Giovanni Bartolomeo 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Giovanni Bartolomeo

Giovanni Bartolomeo, Software engineer, PhD, currently serving as IT Officer at the Italian Ministry of Justice. Member of ETSI TC CYBER, ETSI TC HF, ETSI STF342, OASIS XDI TC. EU research projects: IST 2004-507 558 (SIMPLICITY), IST 2006-027 714 (E2R-II), IST 2006-034 620 (Simple Mobile Services). Author of "Identification and Management of Distributed Data", Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL, US (2013). Interest areas: semantics, data analytics, mobile, privacy.

charles_brookson 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Charles Brookson

Charles Brookson, is the chairman of the ETSI Technical Committee (TC) Cyber Security (CYBER). The ETSI TC CYBER acts as the ETSI centre of expertise in the area of Cyber Security.

Roberto Cascella 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Roberto Cascella

Roberto G. Cascella works as Senior Policy Officer at the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) since January 2017 supporting the activities of the working group on standardisation, certification, labelling and supply chain management, as well as the working group on the Strategic Research Innovation Agenda.

Luciana Costa 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Luciana Costa

Luciana Costa is a security consultant in the Security Lab Department of Telecom Italia Information Technology. She graduated (M.Sc.) in Telecommunications Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin in 2000. In 2001 she starts to work in Telecom Italia Group in the Network Innovation area, and in 2004 she moved in the Security Lab, where she began to focus on security technologies and services for Telecom Italia. Her principal areas of interest are strong authentication, network security and, mainly, mobile security. She is involved in standardization activities in the mobile security area (3GPP-SA3 group). She also attendees the GSM Association (GSMA) Fraud and Security Group (FASG), Roaming and Interconnect Fraud and Security (RIFS) subgroup providing contributions in the SS7/SIGTRAN security risks and countermeasures. She has published some international patents. 

Paolo DeLutiis 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Paolo De Lutiis

Paolo De Lutiis has a solid background in computer science and is specialized in ICT security. He works in Telecom Italia Group since 2000 and has been involved in internal projects related to the security of the NGN and NGA.
He has been involved in standardization activities regularly since 2006 and he has been appointed Chairman of the ETSI TISPAN WG7 and rapporteur of some of the main TISPAN NGN security work items. Moreover, he has also collaborated to other fora and alliances focused on Security and has contributed to the ITU-T specifications for the security of the G-PON and XG-PON access networks and ETSI IGS ISI (Information Security Indicator) as rapporteur of an official Work Item.
Currently interested in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), he has been recently involved in the ETSI TC CYBER on cybersecurity. 

Jovan Golic 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Jovan Golic 

Jovan Golic has been doing research in cryptology and information security for about three decades, both with academic institutions and industry. He has contributed to the areas of stream ciphers and pseudorandom number generators including new cryptanalytic methods and design principles, true random number generation in hardware, secure hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms, format- and syntax-preserving encryption methods, biometric authentication, statistical anomaly detection and intrusion detection, authentication in ad hoc networks, privacy-preserving user profiling, security in information-centric networks, and secret key sharing and key agreement protocols. He has published more than a hundred papers in prestigious international journals and book series and a dozen patents or patent applications. He is a Senior Technical Leader at the Security Lab of Telecom Italia Information Technology. Jovan Golic has been the Action Line Leader for Privacy, Security & Trust of the EIT Digital (ex EIT ICT Labs) since July 2013.

Felix Klaedtke 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Felix Klaedtke

Felix Klaedtke, Senior Researcher at NEC Europe Ltd. His interests are in developing secure and reliable systems. My recent focus is in monitoring IT systems, particularly, their data usage and checking whether the system behaviour is compliant with respect to security policies and regulations. Previous work comprises system verification, for example, the development of automatic verification techniques and applications theoreof. 

Linas_Maknavicius 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Linas Maknavicius

Mr. Linas Maknavicius is a researcher at NOKIA Bell Labs France, Cyber Security department. He has initiated, managed and contributed to several strategic industrial research projects on telecom platforms, IP routers, multimedia, NG network and service management, mobile converged services, big data and cloud, as well as collaborative projects within European H2020, FP7, Eureka frameworks. His research interests include new communication architectures and platforms, 5G/virtualization security, and service management. 

Nicolae Paladi 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Nicolae Paladi

As a researcher at SICS Swedish ICT, Nicolae Paladi focuses on cloud infrastructure security, security of the Software Defined Networks, trusted computing, platform attestation and secure virtualization. He conducts applied research with a close connection to both industry and local public authorities. Furthermore, he organizes several local communities in Stockholm (Security and Privacy meetup and an OpenStack meetup), in order to disseminate the knowledge produced through research activities. 

anand_prasad 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Anand R. Prasad

Anand R. Prasad, Chief Advanced Technologist at NEC Corporation and Chairman 3GPP SA3. 
Information security leader experienced in developing successful businesses with over 20 years of proven professional track record. Chairman of 3GPP security working group (SA3) and leading mobile communications security activity in NEC Corporation. 

Alireza Ranjbar 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Alireza Ranjbar

Alireza Ranjbar, Researcher at Ericsson Received his M.Sc degree with distinction from Aalto university, Finland in the field of Communications Engineering. Currently, I am working as a researcher in Ericsson Research, Finland. My current research interests include Software-defined networks, Security, Networking protocols and Cloud networking. 

Mike_Surridge 5G ENSURE 2nd International Workshop

Mike Surridge

Prof Mike Surridge is a Professorial Fellow and Research Director at the IT Innovation Centre. He has over 25 years’ experience in IT research. His research interests include agile business models, dynamic security and trust models, and risk management and adaptation in multi-stakeholder ICT systems. He coordinated FP7 ICT-SEC SERSCIS (dynamic SOAs for critical infrastructure protection), and led work on combining socio-economic and IT security views of trust in a knowledge base in FP7 ICT OPTET. He was a co-founder of the EC/NESSI Software and Services Trust and Security Working Group and chaired it for many years, was a member of the Steering Board of the Effects+ Trustworthy ICT Coordination Action, and a member of the EC Future Internet Architecture Board established to provide technical input to the FI-PPP. He leads a portfolio of security related projects at IT Innovation, including H2020 5G ENSURE (on security in 5G networks), H2020 OPERANDO (on privacy in online services), UK ASSURED (model based analysis and assessment of compliance with NHS security regulations) and CSCE (evaluating the effectiveness of IT security measures for SMEs for the UK government). He provides advice on SOAs, business models and security to several other projects, and is part of the GCHQ Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security at the University of Southampton. He has published approaching 100 scientific papers. 

Jean-Philippe Wary

Jean-Philippe Wary, Research Program Director at Orange Labs (since 2011), in charge of infrastructures security research for 5G and IOT topics. 15 years at SFR (French Mobile Operator) as Security Expert and Chief Information Security Officer for Networks and Services. 5 years at Alcatel (real time, telecom, security, electronic war). Applied Mathematic Master in Stochastic Models and Statistics (Paris-Orsay).